Who We Are...

Management Dynamics grew from years of experience as Corporate HR professionals, buying development programmes and being accountable for their effectiveness. We could clearly see what worked and what could be improved upon, and so we did.

We create innovative, fun, interactive and impactful learning experiences for people who are on the path to becoming fantastic managers: we thrive on enabling them to fulfil their potential.

In collaboration with a network of some of the best facilitators, instructional designers and learning experts in the world we deliver great results for our clients, wherever they like: in Europe, the Middle East and beyond.

Alison Grieve



Alison Grieve is a Founding Director at Management Dynamics.  Famously adaptable and truly driven by enabling her clients to achieve more than they thought possible, she combines strategic thinking with a Mary Poppins-esque bottomless bag of tools to develop people to the highest possible standard, in the best way for them.

Fluent in French, she loves to travel: her friends consider her a global citizen, she has lived and worked in the UK, France, across Europe and the USA. She has numerous Masters degrees: MA (Hons) in Economics, MLtt in Health Economics and an MA in Strategy.  She also has a Diploma in Executive Coaching, is a Master Practitioner in NLP and is a Master Associate at Korn Ferry for the Korn Ferry / Lominger suite of leadership products.

Alison is further qualified in Lego Serious Play, MBTI, Hogan, SHL, Colourworks, Immunity to Change, Situational Leadership, NEO PI-R and FiroB.

Above all, Alison is caring, fun and incredibly ethical.  A lovely human who can and does raise others up.

Jenni Miller



Jenni Miller is a Founding Director at Management Dynamics.  She brings zing to everything she is involved in, with tremendous energy and creativity wrapped in a highly methodical and organized approach. A true World Class facilitator, she creates fun, high interaction practical outcomes while maintaining balance and perspective. She asks fabulous questions.

Jenni loves working globally with diverse groups, and seeing the measurable impact on her clients’ businesses from the learning that she has generated.  She has lived and worked in the UK, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and widely across Europe.

People love to spend time in Jenni’s company – she is fun, warm, inclusive and supportive. She is massively ambitious and like to take on new challenges.  She is a little geeky, not commonly found with ace communication skills, and continually pushes the technology utilized by Management Dynamics with clients to maintain a leading edge.

Jenni has a BA (Hons) in History and a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning and Development.  She is a Trainer in NLP, SHL, DiSC and Korn Ferry / Lominger Leadership Architect.


Our people are qualified in numerous tools. Specifically: KornFerry – Leadership Architect, KF360, KFALP and Via Edge, MBTI, Firo-B, DiSC, Insights, Total SDI, Colourworks, Situational Leadership, Hogan, LDF, Immunity to Change, Neo, ESCII, EQI, TEIque, Lego Serious Play, Systemic Constellations, NLP and NeuroLeadership.

Our expertise is in creating a unique blend for your organisation, so that it’s just their cup of tea.

Sarah Hildyard

Experience & Specialties

Lived & Worked: UK, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and USA.

Speaks: English and French.

Specialities: Talent Strategy, Leadership Coaching, Applied Neuroscience and Psychology, Leadership Development.

Lottie Skuthe-Cook

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Sweden, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, Dubai.

Speaks: Swedish, English and German.

Specialities: Customer relations and sales – developing individuals and teams to reach their potential and excel in what they do through coaching, facilitation and training. Cross cultural understanding. Lego Serious Play, DiSC and all interactive methods of facilitation and training.

Debbie Ash

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: UK and Belgium.

Speaks: English.

Specialities: Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion, Team Effectiveness.

Zahoor Bargir

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: UK, France and Poland.

Speaks: English and Urdu.

Specialities: Finance,
business and writing non-fiction.

Rachel Puttick

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: South Korea, Thailand, America, Mexico, widely across EU and Turkey.

Speaks: English, Thai, conversational Spanish.

Specialities: Generalist but enjoys communication skills, team building and productivity, cultural awareness.

Wendy Bedborough

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: UK and Germany.

Speaks: English and conversational German.

Specialities: Leadership Coaching and Development, especially with intact teams. OD with a special interest in systemic work, using psychometrics to bring new insights to individuals and teams.

Nermeen Amr

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: USA, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Lebanon, Belgium, India, South Africa, Morocco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UK.

Speaks: Arabic and English.

Specialities: Leadership & Management Development, Team Development, Engagement, Cultural Development.

Diana Stephenson

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Germany, UK, India.

Speaks: English & German.

Specialities: Reputation Management, Presentation/Public Speaking, Media Training and General Interview Techniques. Provides sophisticated yet workable coaching techniques to overcome anxiety, stress and aphasia in public speaking and negotiation.

Alison Roper

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: UK, Germany, Gibraltar.

Speaks: English.

Specialities: Team Development and Coaching, Virtual Facilitation and Coaching, Group Dynamics.

Gwyn Rogers

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Lived in UK, France, Germany & Hong Kong. Worked in over 30 countries including North and South America, the Caribbean, Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Speaks: English.

Specialities: Board Evaluation and Facilitation, Succession Management, Executive Coaching, Leadership Assessment and Development and developing novel approaches to Talent Management.

Jemma Western

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: UK, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Korea

Speaks: English

Specialities: Leadership and behavioural with a particular interest in emerging talent and 1st/2nd line management.

Vanessa Clarke

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Lived in UK.

Speaks: English.

Specialities: Operations management, creating processes that work, delighting customers by going beyond the expected and a good eye for detail.

Axel Wellbrock

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, UK, Slovenia, US

Speaks: German, Japanese, English, French.

Specialities: Cross-Cultural Competence, Cultural and Organisational Change Leaderships.

Karin Wellbrock

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Germany, France, Austria, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam.

Speaks: English & German.

Specialities: Individual and cohort development of current and future leaders, particularly women; International competence, cross-functional/organisational alignment, organisational change, training excellence.

Anna Slocombe

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Russia, UK, widely across Europe.

Speaks: Russian & English.

Specialities: Career Coaching & Development, Cross-Cultural Awareness.

Alison Smith

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: UK, Germany & Romania.

Speaks: English.

Specialities: Leadership and behavioural change, the use of psychometrics and other tools to support individuals and teams at all levels in reaching high performance, with a particular focus on 1st and 2nd line managers

Iulia Istrate

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Romania, France, Netherlands, UK, Singapore.

Speaks: Romanian, English & French.

Specialities: Coaching for Development and Coaching for Career Change (Middle & Top Management).

Nurudee Kristhanin

Experience & Specialties

Lived & worked: Thailand, USA, and Across Asia.

Speaks: English & Thai.

Specialities: Transformation, Strategy, Innovation, Facilitation, Executive Coaching.