Over recent years we have worked with the NATO Information and Communication Agency on a variety of projects, including offering one day soft skills workshops in subjects such as Influencing, Time Management and Coaching & Feedback.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit back in March, the Talent Development Team at NCIA were determined to continuing offering their staff the possibility of continuing with their professional development despite the restrictions, so we immediately adapted and came up with three brand new soft skills programmes with topics that we felt to be particularly relevant in the current uncertain landscape.

Rather than the previous format of the one day workshop, the content was designed to be delivered virtually over 3 two hour workshops, but still offering all of the impact and interactive elements you would have in a face to face setting.  The participant feedback from these workshops has been so positive, with most enjoying the virtual format and preferring the 3 short sessions to a full day workshop.

There has been the added benefit of bringing together staff members based in the more remote locations, who would normally not be able to benefit from this kind of learning opportunity.

Here is what some of the participants had to say about their experience:

 “Very good balance between theory and discussion”

“I can’t wait for more”

“Great interaction within the group helped widen the perspectives”

“Great duration, not too long, not too short”

“Highly recommend for everybody, regardless of post/grade”

“I feel the virtual set up gets people more engaged than a normal classroom”

Head of Talent Development at NCIA, Gulumser Kaplan said:

“The coronavirus pandemic has pushed us to adapt the workplace learning to continue delivering development opportunities to our employees virtually. Partnering with Management Dynamics and tapping into their expertise was great! They were quick to support NCI Agency in re-designing the Soft Skills offers to virtual mode maintaining content quality and desired learning. The Soft Skills provide employees the fantastic opportunity to further develop and acquire skills in their current job as well as enhance their learning through the interactions they hold with the other participants.”

Launched in April, we have since run monthly workshops in Succeeding in a Changing Environment, Leading in a Changing Environment and Having Impactful Conversations with a total of almost 270 participants successfully attending a workshop to date, over 23 separate cohorts.  We are looking forward to creating new content for another programme of workshops in 2021.