Emich & Wright say virtual teams are on the rise with a 46% increase in virtual teams in organisations globally. This is certainly the case amongst our clients, and many of them say their virtual teams could function better.

So, if you manage a virtual team, how do you assess your performance?

  1. Start with yourself : what are you doing/not doing that hinders and supports performance of your virtual team?
  2. How well does everyone understand the Reason the team exists and what they will get from being in the team?
  3. How clear is everyone on the results required and what each others’ roles and accountabilities are?
  4. How well does the team collaborate and communicate? Have you created a safe space so people can speak their mind about the work?
  5. What routines do you have in place for connecting, collaborating and sharing ?
  6. How do you review progress, relationships and results?

Our 5 Dynamics of High Performing Teams comes into its own in virtual teams.  We have an online diagnostic tool which we would love to share with you to try, just drop us a line and we will send you the link.