Three gifts of the season

We love these words from Korn Ferry CEO, Gary Burnison, in a recent festive message:

“This year, when our holidays feel completely upended, we can still reap the blessings of three key gifts. The first is connectivity—authentic and heart-to-heart, even if we cannot physically be with others. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of feeling connected to others—with gratitude. Gratitude doesn’t belong to any one culture, tradition, or philosophy—it runs through them all. Second, adaptability, which helps us look beyond what used to be normal and accept that this is normal! Adaptability allows us to find new ways to honour old traditions, so we don’t get lost in the sadness of what’s not happening. We cherish what’s present versus what’s missing. Third, receptivity, knowing that our hearts must be open to receive, as well as to give.”

Finding and hiring talented employees is proving ever more challenging. Korn Ferry Select uses world-class data and research to identify the people who will drive your strategy and achieve your business goals. With Korn Ferry Select, you can:

  • Identify what “good” looks like using best-in-class success profiles
  • Get clear predictions of an individual’s fit to a role
  • Assess candidates using scientifically robust assessments
  • Enhance the candidate experience using immersive multi-media

The assessments can be used from board level and c-suite evaluations to high volume graduate and entry level recruitment. As always with Korn Ferry, the rigorous research and the underlying principle of adaptation to each customer, means that you can tailor what you need for a particular situation. The assessments can be combined or used on their own.

For more information about Korn Ferry assessments and certifications, please contact us.