By Wendy Bedborough

It’s already February!  The first month of the new year and the new decade has almost passed!  What have you achieved so far? It is useful to have a reflective practice on what has gone well for us, and what might we have done differently and I encourage my coaching clients to do this.  Equally important is looking forward – what are you aiming for?  Do you have a short, medium and long term plan? Where do you need to put your focus in this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world?  Working with an executive coach facilitates this type of conversation in a safe space.

Often during this process, our clients report that they feel ‘stuck’ or are struggling to gain traction as they plan the next year, begin new projects, or work with restructured teams.  They are constantly facing resistance or conflicts and can end up feeling frustrated and demotivated.  When I hear this, it is like hearing an alarm – what might be going on in the system(s) to which they belong?  Are they unwittingly entangled in something that needs to be uncovered?

One of the benefits of taking a systemic coaching approach is the clarity it provides.  Using this lens to explore their ‘organisational system’ or the ‘team system’ clients are able to uncover the blocks, hidden loyalties, and patterns of behaviour that are no longer serving them or the systems to which they belong.  At a recent coaching session, the client was delighted by the simplicity of the approach and the new insights gained.  Working in this way enables the client to take responsibility for what is theirs, and let go of what is not, contributing to improved organisational health.

Wendy Bedborough is an experienced facilitator and coach with over 25 years of experience.  Read her bio here.

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