Looking back over 2020 and all the disruption, uncertainty and ambiguity we have all experienced around the world, what we will remember is how we coped, how we adapted to different routines, ways of working, keeping in touch with colleagues, friends and family. Whilst our lives became smaller and more local with less travel, the connectivity grew with a wider circle of people in more distant locations fuelling the digital revolution. The acceleration of so many trends surprised us and when we look back its hard to believe the pace at which we have adopted so many different practices, new tools, technologies and new paradigms. We are all profoundly changed by Covid-19 and the experience of 2020.

Learning Agility has been critical to our adaptability where we have to adjust to the changing conditions around us. Leaders who are highly learning agile are more able to adapt and flex their behaviours as required. They are better able to deal with first time situations and the unknown unknowns. According to the research from Korn Ferry, Learning Agility is essential for leaders in todays dynamic and hyper-changing environment.

In one piece of recent research Korn Ferry found that CEOs believed that without leading constant transformation, organisations could not survive.  Leaders need a range of skills to be successful including resilience, emotional intelligence, being purpose driven. Most of all they need to have a growth mindset where they value continuous learning, an openness to different perspectives and approaches, and a tolerance to learning from failure. One leader stated:

“’Learning Agility’ is going to be more important going into the future, not just to have intellectual fire power, but the ability to learn, adapt, and really be aware in many different kinds of situations.”

Learning agility is the differentiator and 2020 was the year where we tested our Learning Agility. As Guangrong Dai from the Korn Ferry Institute said “Learning Agility is at the core of building leaders’ adaptive strength—which can mean the difference between surviving the future and thriving in it”

The good news is we can assess learning agility and support leaders to develop to be more learning agile. If you would like find out how or want to know more contact us.