NATO’s Information and Communications Agency have introduced a comprehensive, world class Induction Programme, The NCIA Bootcamp, which sets up all new hires, whatever their level, for success when they join the organisation.

This programme is run regularly and takes a large cohort of new starters through The Why, What, Who, When and The How of the organisation. The Why and the What is led by senior leaders with lots of opportunity for discussion and Q&As to create real understanding, and the “How to” – timings of key processes, tools and organisational guidelines – are shared by functional managers.  The pace is fast and furious, taking place over three key locations in three days.

This means that all new starters meet a wide range of key stakeholders across the main sites in a short space of time, as well as connecting with each other. The senior sponsor, Christophe Picot, identified a need for people to have skills to build relationships quickly and understand how to work with diverse groups of people as NATO is a complex, fast paced and multicultural environment.

As a key element of the successful onboarding process, we facilitate a session on the dynamics of interpersonal relationships in the workplace using MBTI as the tool to start the process of reflection about their own working preferences and how they may or may not work effectively with others. We could have recommended a number of psychometric tools to use to achieve this aim, but as MBTI is well known in the agency, there is already a common framework and language in existence.

Through a fast paced and interactive overview, plenty of engaging activities and case studies along with a personal report for each participant, we build their awareness about personality preferences and explore the diversity of and benefit to harnessing difference.   We also encourage them to use their new found self awareness via the lens of MBTI to identify how to be more effective in building and maintaining relationships within the NATO environment.

This programme consistently scores top marks from the participants and the comments are extremely positive about its practicality and usefulness in accelerating their ability to deliver results with and through the teams they work in.

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