The Management Dynamics team works mostly virtually, which is echoed in research by Harvard Business Review.  In fact a 2017 Gallup report found that 43% of American employees work remotely, and in another surve, 48% of respondents reported that the majority of their virtual teamwork involved colleagues from other cultures.

The HBR research suggests that whilst technology and virtual work itself has advanced dramatically in recent years, our preparation to work virtually has not.  HBR’s review of research into global working found that the most effective workers engage in a set of strategies and behaviours contributing to higher virtual performance.

So what are these strategies and behaviours?

  1. Establishing “rules of engagement” for virtual interactions, and
  2. Building and maintaining trust.

These skill sets are relevant to all individuals who conduct virtual work, including co-workers in the same office who interact virtually.  Get in touch here if you’d like to know how we establish the “rule” for working virtually and create safe environments of trust.