Over the last three months the COVID-19 crisis has disrupted traditional ways of working, making many work from home, whether they were ready for it or not.

After weeks of trial and error adjustments, it is now time to see how the “new normal” can bring efficiencies rather than disruption.

At Management Dynamics we have a truly global reach, with associates as far away as Japan and Egypt, and the ability to deliver workshops in several languages, including Japanese, Russian, German and Arabic.

Anna Slocombe, our Russian speaking Associate has this week been working with a new client – the Russian division of construction supply company Wienerberger – delivering live online workshops on Personal Effectiveness While Working Remotely.

The client wanted their people to be able to reflect, and look at how they can make the most of remote working, balancing the flexibility that working from home can provide on a personal level, with achieving their business objectives and remaining productive.

If you would like to speak to someone about ensuring your people have the skills and knowledge to remain productive and motivated whilst working from home, contact us.