Managers’ skills are at least 30 years out of date, according to Gallup.  This statement doesn’t really surprise me, given the way in which we see many managers leading their teams, with a focus on command and control, presenteeism and task management.  This approach, however, is completely out of date and not fit for today’s world of work, let alone the future.  If managers are to succeed, they need to learn how to lead in a different world, one which is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Here are 5 of the things a great manager does in this VUCA world:

  • Creates a Compelling Reason. A great manager understands their team members’ key motivations and what makes them tick.  They know that people whose values are fulfilled on a daily basis give more and care more about the work that they do.  This also creates fulfilment which has massive benefits on a personal and organisational level.  They create a compelling reason for the team to exist and help align individual team members’ values with that reason.
  • Provide Absolute Clarity on Results. A great manager provides absolute clarity on what is expected of the team and the individuals within it. They crystallise the team’s accountabilities into no more than 5 “Big Whats” and makes sure the team knows how to measure and track progress against those Big Whats.  They also ensure that each team member knows what their contribution is to the 5 Big Whats and what the opportunities for collaboration are in the team.
  • Builds Great Relationships. A great manager knows that relationships within their team are crucial to their success and helps build trust amongst team members. They help team members embrace challenge and diverse points of view to ensure they have the opportunity to weigh in on decision making.  When conflict occurs, it is managed and addressed appropriately.
  • Creates Robust Routines. A great manager knows that robust routines enable a team to succeed. They create decision making methods that enable the team to work nimbly and without the manager being a bottleneck.  They set up and run effective meetings and ensure the team uses email and other communication methods well.
  • Reviews Everything Regularly. A great manager is constantly reviewing how the team is doing. They are scanning the team’s environment to see what is changing and making small adjustments to things to ensure high performance can be maintained.

These skills are what are needed for the 21st century.  To find out more about The 5 Dynamics of High Performing Teams and how you can support your managers to develop these skills, contact us now.