Millennials and Generation Z are disrupting how the world works. From how people communicate to how they read, write and relate, everything is shifting in a massive way and the world of work needs to keep up.  They have very different expectations of what it means to have a great job and a great life and there’s no going back.

In their latest book “It’s the Manager”, Gallup presents 6 big changes they’ve discovered Millennials want:

1. Purpose

They want to work for organisations with mission and purpose. Other generations didn’t need this so clearly as millennials now do.  They just wanted a pay cheque.  Their mission and purpose were their families and communities.  Millennials want more than that.

2. Development

Millennials don’t care about the fancy stuff like the foosball table or the nice coffee machine. They want development.

3. Coaching

Millennials don’t just want a boss who takes the command and control approach.  They want bosses who can coach them, who value them and help them understand and build their strengths.

4. Ongoing Conversations

Millennials want their organisations to ditch the performance reviews. They don’t want to wait until the end of the year to find out how they’re doing. They want continuous and instant feedback through ongoing conversations.

5. Strengths Focus

Millennials don’t want a manager who focuses on their weaknesses.  They want their boss and the organisation to focus on their strengths instead.

6. Life

For Millennials, a job is no longer just a job, it’s their life.  More so than ever people are asking “Does this organisation value my contribution and my strengths?” “Do I get the chance to do what I do best every day?”

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