2020 – new year, new decade, and a timely opportunity to reflect on what’s been and what you’d like the future to hold.

There are several things to consider when making resolutions – both the short term actions and goals and those aspirations and targets which are longer term.  Writing them down helps us to commit.  Jenni writes a letter to herself.  I like to use a piece of wood and sometimes draw a mindmap.

However you choose to document it, make it your own and create something that you can refer back to.

Many people struggle with sticking to their New Year’s Resolutions and there are some widely publicised statistics about how most of us have broken them by the end of January.  Indeed within 2 weeks many have fallen by the wayside.  One idea suggested to me was to make a “personal pledge” which sounds much more positive and has a ring of commitment to it which “resolution” does not have.  The idea is you make a personal pledge to do or achieve something within a certain timeframe.  The person who shared this concept with me plans to do a sky dive in 2020 and pledges it will be done.

The reason I like a mindmap is that I have goals for different things: Friends, Family, Finances, Professional, Health and Wellbeing, Home,  Travel, Community.  I like to consider them all and review what was good against each in 2019 and what I want to do in 2020.

Under friends I might include seeing someone I have not seen for years and for family organising a family get together for the wider family. Professional includes things I want to grow and develop to support the business and my career.  Home is where I always have a list of things to be changed or improved on in the house and garden, some which can be significant projects and others maybe minor.  Finances should not be forgotten.  It’s a good time to review and replan and restructure your savings and investments and consider your expected outgoings for the year ahead.  That way as you make your plan you can budget for the various activities and expenses.

Not sure how to make a mindmap?  This link might help you out.

If you do not like using a mindmap some people use a circle (circle of life) and cut it into the number of pieces for each area of your life you wish to plan.  I have seen some that a colourful and very creative.  What ever you do, remember the point of the exercise: to give you focus and help you prioritise what is important to you for the year ahead.  Make 2020 the best year yet.  Happy New Year!