We have extensive experience of designing and delivering highly interactive virtual learning workshops.  Here are our top tips for success:

  1. Don’t let technology get in the way. Prepare everyone ahead of time, if need be with a virtual briefing to explain the technology and how the session will run.  Have a moderator to deal with technical issues.
  2. Facilitators need to be trained on the technology and on how to be a virtual facilitator. It’s very different from face to face and you have to project your energy, focus and passion through the technology. There is no time for winging it and learning on the fly.
  3. Keep the outcomes in mind all the time and maintain the pace.
  4. Visuals are key. Simple, large, colourful and engaging. No long lists and chunks of text.
  5. Mix up the activities and get the participants interacting through whiteboards, chat, breakouts, polls and discussion groups.

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