The pandemic has made all of us aware of the importance of health and wellbeing. It has also made us highly conscious of what our priorities are in life and at work and raised questions about Purpose, both at an organisational and personal level. A generational shift in wanting to work where there is a culture of meaning has accelerated and expanded. There is more interest now than ever in how we set up and run purpose led organisations. Individual purpose directly affects both health and engagement and forward focused organisations are looking to connect this with the organisational purpose.

82% of managers believe it is important to have a purpose at work. Raj Sisodra found that purpose led organisations outperformed the S&P500 between 1996 and 2011. The organisation and team purpose acts as a beacon for direction and decision making , and if connected to the individual’s own purpose, whatever that may be, you then have the energy and commitment to move forwards.

How do we understand how an individual’s purpose connects to what he or she wants and needs from work – or how these connect to an organisation’s purpose ?  Start by simply discussing these matters with your team openly, honestly, and thoughtfully. By treating this as the beginning of an ongoing conversation about purpose, meaning, and what your team wants from work, you can help people better identify and articulate their purpose, and even start finding ways to help them live it more fully at work – an outcome that will benefit everyone. 

We have a range of tools to support you and your team in articulating personal purpose and values and connecting them with the team or organisational purpose.  Contact us for more information.