A review of a Korn Ferry Article by Gary Burnison

It’s the beginning of 2019 and millions of people around the world will have made new year resolutions. The number 1 resolution is to be healthier and fitter and people have been joining gyms and starting diets in their droves.  It is also a time when many of us review our careers, and Gary’s article shows how we can make a 90 day career plan to recharge our careers and also adopt new sustainable habits.

As with starting a health kick there are a few steps: the first is to assess your current state:

For health it would be your BMI; for career try CMI or rather, the Career Momentum Index.  Consider questions such as “when did I last learn something in my job?” “How engaged do I feel?” “Does my boss recognise my contribution?” “Am I in a rut?”

Secondly, look in the mirror and take some measurements, such as “what motivates me?”, “what types of skills and experience do I have?”, “what are my ambitions and aspirations?” and “what are my strengths and weaknesses?”

Thirdly, ask for input from others. What do they see as your strengths, great experience, weaknesses and how would they describe your personality?  You can either use a 360 process for this or just ask people the questions.

Finally, it’s time to put a plan together and identify the steps you are going to take immediately, medium term and longer term.

It can be helpful to get a personal coach to support you. Start your “90 Day Career Diet” now by reading Gary’s article here.