For most of us, Covid-19 has meant massive changes to how we work, engage customers and collaborate.  Organisations’ digitalisation strategies have been accelerated massively and some have been implemented literally overnight.  Organisations, managers and of course people have risen to the challenge amazingly well of equipping and enabling their people to work effectively from home.

But what about learning? Has this stopped because we are no longer able to meet face to face?  In many cases, yes.  But there is another way – live online workshops which can, we would argue, be just as effective (and maybe even more effective) than face to face workshops.

So what is a live online workshop?

First of all, let’s look at what it is not – it’s not a webinar, which let’s face it can be terribly boring and a one-way download of as much information as it is possible to cram into a 45 minute timescale.

It’s also not e-Learning, which has its place, but is not what we are looking at here.

A live online workshop is:

  • Live
  • Interactive – using as many interaction tools as possible to help participants engage
  • Face to face but in a virtual environment, so the facilitator and participants use video
  • Highly facilitative – using discussion and breakout groups throughout

When would you run a live online workshop?

Basically, anytime you would have considered running a face to face workshop in the past is likely to be a good candidate for a live online workshop.  Anything that has some complexity, some behaviour change required of participants and buy-in to the ideas and tools being presented to create that behaviour change.  For example, people skills usually fit into this category.

A live online workshop is all about helping participants to engage with the content of the workshop, to practice the skills taught in a safe environment, to challenge their thinking and to enable them to make connections with other things they’ve experienced in the past.  It requires expert facilitation, a great moderator to run the technology so that the facilitator doesn’t need to worry about it and a very careful design which maximises interactivity and engagement.

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