When you’re thinking about creating a high performing team, just like anything else, it’s important to start with a bit of analysis.  But what should you analyse? What are the most important factors to think about? We’ve created a diagnostic tool which will help teams and their leaders to figure this out.

It’s simple, easy to use and can be completed by the leader on their own or can be completed by each team member and the results consolidated to create a team view of the diagnostic.

Leaders get a snapshot of their team against each of the 5 Dynamics of High Performing Teams:

Reason – the team’s purpose and collective buy-in to it

Results – how clear the team are on what they are doing and how it’s measured

Routines – how the team works together and the routines that support that

Relationships – how well the team know each other and get along

Review – how well the team reviews everything regularly

Leaders get a score out of 25 for each Dynamic. A score of 20+ indicates this Dynamic is strong for the team.  17 or below and there’s a major issue and this Dynamic needs addressing.

If you’d like a copy of the Team Diagnostic tool to use with your team, please contact us at info@management-dynamics.com and we will happily send it to you.  All we ask is that you give us feedback on the tool once you’ve tried it.