With so many people working remotely for the first time, one of our associates, Rachel Puttick, has come up with a quick guide to running a successful virtual meeting which we thought it would be good to share.

Environment – Extra tips

  • Wear headphones or ensure that noise is kept to a minimum – if there is an unanticipated noise you can mute yourself to reduce this and all attendees will be automatically muted to be compliant.  Always be in a quiet, suitable environment where you won’t be disturbed
  • Switch your phone to mute
  • Turn down or switch off your computer notifications as the noise will be heard by everyone and can be distracting!
  • Your background should be reasonably tidy – I go for brightness and books
  • If your background could cause a distraction, buy a green screen and go for a virtual background.  https://thewebaround.com/ even do travel versions which slot onto back of chair or amazon have a range
  • Go for uniform lighting, no bright lights at the back of your head
  • Do wear different colours to that of your background

Yourself – Extra Tips

  • Professional dress even if bottom half is pjs!
  • Wear colours that are distinct from your background so you don’t merge in
  • Make sure your camera is set so that your full head and shoulders are visible
  • Use your voice – vary pace/tone/volume
  • Use your hands for energy, smile as natural – use facial expressions appropriately
  • Avoid nervous ticks and look into the camera often

Technical set up – Extra Tips

  • Test first!  You can join a test zoom meeting by visiting http://zoom.us/test then follow instructions or you can join your own meeting early
  • Always set up a practice session with panelists prior to a webinar to ensure tech is still functioning
  • Check your settings against the guide to ensure compliance
  • Check your laptop is correctly set up
  • Practice Practice Practice
  • Find a mentor
  • Use the zoom help functions – these are excellent
  • Use your IT team
  • Remind your participants to test well in advance to avoid disruptions to the agenda

For more information on how we can help your people develop their virtual working skills, please contact us.