The idea of the ‘Mad March Hare’ comes from the behaviour of hares that you’re most likely to witness in the month of March.  These behaviours include crazy chases and fighting as the hares carry out their courting rituals.  Lewis Carroll’s fictional character the March Hare, in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) famously behaves in a most unpredictable manner as the host of an outdoor tea party that Alice stumbles upon.

This theme has continued into sporting challenges with running and cycling events given the “Mad March” name and even now retail outlets are using it to offer discounts and cut price deals.

So, what will MAD March bring for you?

Taking the theme to a personal, team and organisational level it’s about how we deal with risk and uncertainty and yet push through the challenges to achieve some success at the end – by April if you are a successful hare!

Using another acronym MAD could also mean Making A Difference.  For me that will be my mantra for this month.  Look at what would make a difference around you and challenge yourself to make some changes – even the smallest change can reap large rewards.  Be a little unpredictable and break out of your current mould  – surprise yourself!!!