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The more senior you become in an organisation, the harder it gets to gather honest appraisal of where you can improve. And your personal effectiveness ripples through the performance of your business more than you think.

Numerous studies have shown that the higher people rise in an organisation, the more positively they view employee and overall workplace engagement: their people think things are worse than they do. It is critical that leaders challenge their own views to keep their vision clear.

So, with the opportunity to assure your clarity of vision and personal effectiveness, why isn’t every executive and director working with a coach? Possible answers include:

  • They are too busy with the what to deal with the how, even if that could create more time in their schedule.
  • They don’t know what coaching could do for them.
  • They have already benefitted from working with coaches like us, whose objective of creating a self- sustaining continual improvement toolkit with a coachee has been realised.

We work with our coaches for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 12. Investing in your time and expertise could be the most effective decision you can make for your organisation, and for yourself.

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What Our Clients Say

Insightful and challenging. This coaching made a huge difference to how I focused on my leadership journey. I learned so much about myself and how I can be a better leader. A great coach. Would work with her again.

Global VPGlobal Multi-national

Transformative, deep, empowering and freeing. I am a different leader than a year ago. I am calmer and have a much wider perspective on things. I have built better relationships with people and even those I found difficult in the past they are all effective now. Indeed, one person who I struggled with, we now have a very strong relationship and I actually enjoy working with her. I like the process of experimentation and devising small tests and learning from them to shift your immunity and that I now do them on my own.

Business LeaderUK & Australia