Executive Summary

The client was looking for a coaching intervention to support a senior executive in transitioning to a global and matrix leadership position. The coachee had developed and led a high performance organisation in the UK and was being asked to take on the business in Australia while still leading the group in the UK and extending at the same time the overall research programme.

The Brief

The solution needed to be a blended approach with a mix of face to face and virtual coaching since the coachee was based primarily in Australia. It was felt that Immunity to Change was an appropriate process since we would be challenging significant behavioural change with this new extended role and also the coachee needed to increase their capacity to deal with complexity and uncertainty and much more varied relationships. 

The Solution

The Immunity to Change (ITC) process for coaching takes place over 10-12 sessions during a 6-12 month period. There is work for the coachee to complete between coaching sessions and they have to commit to a least 2 hours per week for follow up work from the coaching. ITC is a well proven approach for achieving significant change particularly when the individual has attempted to make changes in the past and has not been able to or has not been able to sustain consistent change over time. We also included a feedback survey at the beginning of the programme (session 2) and at

the end (session 11). This enabled us to target specific actions, design interventions and focus where we could get feedback on progress later on.

The key areas identified were leadership skills, influencing (especially from a distance) and managing emotions and composure.

The Results

The individual has made the most out of their coaching experience and says it was:

“Transformative, deep, empowering and freeing. I am a different leader than a year ago. I am calmer and have a much wider perspective on things. I have built better relationships with people and even those I found difficult in the past they are all effective now. Indeed, one person who I struggled with, we now have a very strong relationship and I actually enjoy working with her. I like the process of experimentation and devising small tests and learning from them to shift your immunity and that I now do them on my own.”

The individual has made a successful transition to running the organisation in Australia and the UK and also manages the research programme. They are now looking for their next challenge.