Executive Summary

The client was looking for executive coaching to support a global cohort participating in a senior leadership development programme run internally over a 9 month period. They wanted each leader to have individual support on their leadership journey to make sure that impactful changes were made.

The Brief

The cohort were given 8 sessions of coaching, face to face where possible and virtual if locations and timings made it difficult. The coaches had to be certified in KornFerry Voices 360 as the first session was a debrief of their 360. They were also given Hogan and MBTI later in the journey and the coaches were involved in those debriefs as well. The coaches had to familiarise themselves with the programme materials and key models so they could discuss application opportunities and insights with the leaders. The organisation wanted to see a shift in the leadership culture as a result of this programme as well as prepare these leaders for Vice- President Positions in this global Multi-national.

The Solution

The first coaching sessions took place straight after the first Leadership Programme module and was face to face as everyone had travelled to London to attend. It included the 360 debrief and a deep goal setting session. The second session came soon after, within 2-3 weeks so that the goals could be confirmed and action started. Each individual in the cohort identified different needs and so each development plan was tailored to them. A mix of techniques were used, for some impact and confidence were issues. For others it was about strategic thinking and influence and yet others it was about perspective, networking and visibility.

It was possible to shadow some of the leaders during a presentation and review meeting on their projects which meant it was possible to give feedback on actual behavior in the work environment. The leaders were also encouraged to gather feedback to measure progress at the mid-point and again at the end.

The Results

The cohort all gave good feedback on the coaching experience and said it made the whole programme much more relevant and supported them in making real change – at a deeper more personal level as well as supporting them in achieving the goal of being promoted successfully.

“Insightful and challenging. This coaching made a huge difference to how I focused on my leadership journey. I learned so much about myself and how I can be a better leader. A great coach. Would work with her again”

One of the leaders has come back for a second round of coaching to support him now he has made that transition into a VP global role.