Executive Summary

Twinings were looking for a blended approach to developing their managers in key management skills.

  • Delivered virtually and face to face
  • Scored 4.4 out of 5
  • Participants were able to apply 80% of what they learned straight away

The Brief

Twinings have a very dispersed management workforce, with people all over the world. A recent study showed that performance management was approached inconsistently around the world and needed improvement, particularly the core skills of managing performance on a one to one basis.  They were looking for a programme which would give managers the skills they needed to manage their people on a day to day basis.

The Solution

We created two versions of the same programme:

  1. Face to face programme for UK based participants who could easily get together for a workshop, coupled with a virtual action learning group.
  2. 100% virtual programme for global participants comprising of two 2-hour live virtual workshops and a virtual action learning group.

So far, a pilot of each programme has been delivered and was supported by our customised learning management system, additional resources and virtual classroom technology.

The Results

The pilot programme has been very well received, scoring an average of 4.4 out of 5.  The participants on the virtual programme particularly valued the ability to learn without having to travel anywhere or take too much time out of work.

Participants told us they were able to apply 80% of what they learned back on the job straight away.

“I thought the online platform worked really well. It had so much functionality with the break out rooms and was great to bring together people from all over the world.”