Executive Summary

ITV were looking to design a new manager induction for existing employees being promoted into management positions and new employees joining ITV as managers.

The Brief

The solution needed to be a blended approach which covered the first 90 days of a new manager’s role.  ITV were looking for an iterative, “test” and “redesign” then “test again” design process.

The Solution

The design process was very much a partnership approach, with workshops taking place to determine what the learning outcomes were and which content should therefore be included.  The programme consisted of:

  • A virtual classroom to welcome participants onto the programme and set them off with their learning journey
  • A face to face masterclass which covered the fundamental skills of management at ITV
  • Weekly email “nudges” content
  • A virtual action learning group taking place at the end of the 90 days to reflect on the application of the learning

The masterclass covered topics like coaching, delegation, feedback, situational leadership and Total SDI and was completely tailored to the needs of the ITV business.

The Results

The programme was piloted in May-July 2018 and then the design was tweaked to ensure maximum impact.  Participants particularly enjoyed the virtual elements and the fun, interactive, high energy workshop.  The programme has now been rolled out across all new starters and is receiving excellent feedback.