Executive Summary

DHL Global Supply Chain were looking for a bespoke presentation skills workshop to be designed for their global audience.

  • Designed a 2 day bespoke workshop called “Presenting with Impact”
  • Now being rolled out globally via their certified trainer network

The Brief

DHL Supply Chain have offices all over the world.  They also have a well-established internal network of certified trainers. They were looking for a supplier to partner with them on a bespoke design of a presentation skills workshop which would meet their training guidelines.

The Solution

We created a two-day bespoke programme for them which included:

  • All workshop materials (slides, detailed facilitator guide, workbook and other collateral)
  • Delivery of pilot programme twice, incorporating feedback into the final design

The Results

The programme has been translated into several languages and rolled out worldwide as part of DHL Global Supply Chain’s certified suite of learning and development programmes and trainers are now delivering it regularly to participants.

 “We wanted to create an engaging and interactive classroom module that covered the skills and techniques to be able to “Present with Impact”. The program needed to be suitable for global deployment across our management teams. We chose to partner with Management Dynamics in a co-design capacity and were impressed by the pace & quality of the development process as well as the consultant’s ability to understand, interpret and create bespoke content based on our needs. The program has successfully launched to great feedback and is currently in the process of being rolled out across our 6 regional businesses.”

Neil Stewart, CoE Talent Management/Acquisition and Certified Learning – DHL Supply Chain