Executive Summary

The EMEA regional leadership team of a large multinational IT company were looking for leadership development of their 60 top leaders across the region to support them in leading their teams through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Brief

The solution needed to be delivered quickly as the crisis unfolded – within 10 days. It needed to be delivered completely virtually due to  social distancing measures in place across the region. It was also essential to take into account the fact that different countries were at different stages of the pandemic. It was critical that we delivered a practical, action oriented programme with useful tools which could be applied immediately.

The Solution

Due to the fast-moving nature of the pandemic, we approached this project with an agile design methodology which involved:

• An interactive session to gather requirements from key stakeholders using a design thinking process
• Rehearsals for each workshop with the HR team which familiarised them with the content prior to delivery and ensured they could contribute to the final design.
• Gathering feedback after each workshop which we then built into the next iteration of the workshop.

The programme consisted of:

• Two 2-hour workshops for 15 participants scheduled a week apart
• Highly interactive, live online workshops delivered via Zoom
• Led by 2 expert facilitators working together

The two workshops focused on:

1) Leading Yourself: The Neuroscience of stress and anxiety, energy levels and productivity hacks
2) Leading Others: The Neuroscience of change, listening beyond words, helping people to change their mindset and reframing

The Results

62 participants attended the programme, which received an excellent 4.3 out of 5 rating for the content and 4.6 for the facilitation.

Impressively, the confidence of participants to lead through COVID-19 and beyond increased by 32% and by the end of the programme, 98% of leaders were pretty or extremely confident.

Participant comments:

“This training has allowed me to increase the intimacy with the whole team and have a benchmark about what I did and what I’ll do in how to increase business in the COVID era”
“Even though I had many leadership trainings, I loved the interaction in this one and the content being very “close” to real life and not scientific only”
“Love the use of technology to drive interaction and discussion”