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Upskilling your remote leadership team.
That’s our business as usual.

A significant shift in working practice has happened virtually overnight.  There has never been a more urgent time to equip your leaders with the skills they need to steer their teams to success. 

We already have the tools, the expertise and the experience to get your people to where they need to be with their behaviour and actions to achieve your business goals, while they stay put physically.  We’ve been delivering our bespoke Leadership and Management Development programmes globally, using remote working technology, for clients including NATO, Astra Zeneca, Hitachi and Twinings since 2016.

During this sudden onset of enforced remote working, we have been approached by many clients to share our expertise in how we deliver our programmes online.  We have devised a set of open live online workshops such as Mastering Virtual Facilitation, Leading Change Virtually and Personal Effectiveness When Working Virtually, all bookable here, and we are always happy to discuss running these as private or bespoke sessions for your organisation only.

Mastering Virtual Facilitation Workshop

Our Mastering Virtual Facilitation course is designed for trainers and facilitators who recognise the urgency in enabling successful live online workshops, so they can rapidly adapt themselves and their businesses to remote working.
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Our quick tips for successful live online workshops

Don’t let technology issues disrupt you

Prepare, practice and have a moderator present who is not delivering content.

Train your facilitators to be virtual facilitators

The methods required to keep your delegates interacting, engaged and learning are not the same as the ones they use in a physical workshop.

Keep the outcomes in mind all the time

don’t be afraid to flex the session from the plan in order to secure the desired outcome. Reacting to your audience is the whole point of going live online.

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Perhaps it stems from our background working in technology businesses, or it might be our determination to create the change we want to see in the world, but we have always believed in:

High impact learning that’s kinder to budgets, the environment and diaries.  Dynamic and efficient.