Investing In People

Proving a return on investment in people means using the best tools available to measure and track changes in their behaviour, and the impact that has on their teams.

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Korn Ferry solutions enable you to confidently lead talent management best practices within your organisation.

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Strategic Capability Planning

Using the Korn Ferry – Lominger’s LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT®, we facilitate executive teams in identifying current organisational strengths and weakness. Creating a plan to fill the gaps, leaving you clear on what you need and how to create it.

Talent Journeys

Using the Korn Ferry – Lominger’s LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT®, Korn Ferry Succession Planning Architect , Learning Agility, ViaEdge, Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential and KF360, we deliver a suite of development tools. Building competencies at every level, and design and implement succession planning processes and tools. Leaving you with your talent identified, measured, mapped and continually developing.

Future Leaders

Using the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential we deploy a research-based solution to objectively evaluate leadership potential in your organisation to invest in the right talent or assess a specific role. Leaving you capable of meeting your succession planning needs and harnessing the power of your highest-potential employees.

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Our prospectuses give an overview of how a Korn Ferry programme delivered by Management Dynamics can help grow the talent within your business. Our solutions benefit leaders, organisations and societies by releasing the full collective genius of people.

Korn Ferry Certifications

The very best tools to enable your organisation to achieve their potential, and CPD for you.

HR practitioners globally leverage Korn Ferry public HR certifications to earn a seat at the table. Our courses are delivered by expert practitioners, recognised by the Society for Human Resource Management and eligible for continuing education credits. They are also a great way to connect with other HR professionals while extending your skills.