Executive Summary

Tight deadlines to assess and debrief talent around the world in multiple languages and a desire to use the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential were the drivers for running this virtual certification. We needed to have a team of coaches in different continents ready to use and debrief the KFALP fast.  We completed the virtual certification in just 2 weeks with 6 x 2 hour sessions and individual and pair work in between.  It was intense, created a team spirit and everyone was confident about doing the job quickly.

The Brief

Support the regional Talent and HR Heads in running and completing a talent assessment process. Provide the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential in English, Russian, Japanese and Arabic, plus offering the debriefs in those languages.

The Solution

We ran a global virtual certification for our executive coach team so that they were all able to deliver debriefs on the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential. They had 6 sessions of 2 hours over a 2 week period with a virtual classroom using Zoom, during which we went through the materials, research and process for feedback.

The coaches had to work in pairs in between sessions to do some of the practice and work through the various aspects of this complex and very powerful assessment tool.  There was practice in describing the elements, the research and the tool as well as delivering the feedback of the assessment results. The final session was giving feedback to each other on their own personal reports.

This meant the coaches experienced both sides of the activity – the giving and receiving of the feedback – as well as having the experience of completing the assessment.

The team of coaches reviewed the assessments of their real learners and prepared to deliver their feedback.

The Results

The virtual certification with the coaches was successful and the feedback very positive. The whole process took just 2 weeks and created a great team spirit, which was an added bonus.  The coaches were confident and ready for their debriefs and the debriefs and assessments were very well received.  This exercise demonstrated the power of global and virtual working and the excellent results that can be achieved this way.

Overall Satisfaction with Certification Workshop: 9.8 out of 10

I loved that we got the chance to practice with each other. That really brought this to life for me. Alison is flawless when it comes to KF, and she simplifies things tremendously and creates connections.”

“Loved being able to work across the world and feel so connected to someone on another continent”

“Fantastic – thank you”

“Feedback and case studies were particularly useful, enjoyable and informative”

“Very rich, practical and hands on. I did not realise how deep and connected this tool could be. Very useful.”