Executive Summary

A large multi-national company wanted support in assessing and supporting future leaders as part of an annual talent review process.  The organisation had recently reviewed and updated their processes and implemented a more structured, consistent approach globally.  This included using the Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential for all leaders nominated.  In addition, internal information on performance, aspirations, competence and capabilities was gathered and the individuals were discussed at a global talent session with senior leaders.  The development actions identified job assignments and rotations, markers for promotion and input to succession planning.  Each individual was also given one to one feedback by an executive coach with clear development plan actions agreed at the end.

The Brief

The organisation needed support in administering , debriefing and creating a talent review report for groups of employees around the world divided into regions. Most of the debriefs were to be in English and all the reports needed to be provided in English.  However, if required, the debriefs could also be offered along with the assessment in the individual’s native language (other than English).  The assessment and debrief process were to take place over an 8 week period, followed up by an analysis of the total talent pool as well as indicators of themes and key areas of action at both a regional level and individual level.

The Solution

Working with the organisation, we identified the languages required, and worked directly with the individuals to set them up with the appropriate executive coach.  We provided coaches speaking Japanese, Russian, Arabic, French, German in addition to English for their KFALP debrief and development planning.  All the debriefs were carried out virtually using Zoom technology, providing high functionality virtual connectivity with good quality video.

On receipt of the results we debriefed the organisation and asked for any specific input for the coaching debriefs.  Following completion of the debriefs a regional talent report was produced and a meeting took place to review all the individuals, the themes and development actions identified.

This was used as input to the global talent meeting.

Recommendations on individual development as well as development at a group level were included in the report.  This included looking at how career planning could be reinforced with better quality development planning.  The focus on developing agility in senior leaders was also identified as an area with a high return.