Executive Summary

A newly formed global Team at Astra Zeneca were looking for help in understanding low engagement scores and wanted the team to take accountability for a next steps plan.

The Brief

The solution needed to be a mix of initial interviews, analysis of engagement score reports and a face to face workshop followed up with a debrief back to the sponsor. 

The Solution

The design process was very much a partnership approach, with discussions with the sponsor and local leaders taking place to determine what the learning outcomes were and which content should therefore be included. This really helped understand the themes, context and also some individual issues.  There were significant differences between the key locations where the USA seemed most engaged, although still a comparatively low score and the UK being the lowest most critical environment.

  • During the interviews with a random selection of team members it was clear that there was a range of issues some of which were outside of the team’s control. So, we decided to take those out of the scope
  • We designed the 6 hour session so that the whole team would have time to raise the issues, group them, identify those they could influence and then plan next steps.
  • We presented the team net steps back to the sponsor the following week along with a summary of the discussion. The summary of the discussion had been agreed through several iterations by email to the whole team.

The Results

The process we followed identified some fundamental issues which were at the root of some of the key anxieties playing out through the team. The relocation of the UK leader to the USA had exacerbated the issue. The discussion was helpful to the team as they realized that they were all experiencing similar issues. They also realized that they should focus on what they could influence and change. They created their own team communication plan, a plan to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders and some steps to be presented to their leader and the sponsor of the session.

The sponsor was pleased with the results and accepted there was a lot to do to shift the teams thinking and engagement. They also were pleased with the pragmatic next steps plan we recommended.