Executive Summary

An intact remotely based team has recently come together. The leaders realized that in a fast-paced world, and being in the development field, every single team member must feel connected, driven and motivated to drive the team results.

While results were being delivered, the leaders realized the potential of building a highly collaborative team, and empowering associates to take decisions, while challenging the status quo. There was a huge opportunity in driving a high performing team culture.

The Brief

The solution needed to be a mix of creating a common reason that pulled the team together and connecting their personal values to the reason. The leaders saw the need to connect the team and build on the power of multiple intelligences while maintaining a high trust, fast paced decision-making culture within the team.

The Solution

We tailored the model to the team to reflect their situations and needs. Working with the leaders we were able to create something very bespoke to the team and their context. The design process was very much a partnership approach, with several discussions with the managing directors to determine what the learning outcomes were and which content should therefore be included.

We decided to start with the Reason, to get the team connected on why they came together as one team, and how their personal values came into play.

We then focused on building the teams Relationships, through MBTI, to help them understand more about their own preferences as well as the other team members preferences, and the impact that had on the team’s day to day dynamics. Once they built the foundation of expected behaviors, we went on to introducing the SBI feedback model. The team was exposed to how, in a highly interactive world where agility is key, feedback becomes a necessary tool to drive a healthier trust-based organization which is key for the success of a highly fast paced customer centric business. They started with their first feedback loops which was very successful and eye-opening.

The next step was Results where the leaders shared their Five Big Whats as 2019 objectives. The team then drafted their own 2019 deliverables and connected where their objectives fell under the Five Big Whats, helping them see the importance of their individual results and how they drove the business impact and overall business results.

The Results

The team enjoyed Dynamic Teams model and the highly interactive exercises they experienced. They could identify how they would apply the what they learned about themselves straight away. The key was for team members to realize their responsibility in driving the expected behaviors and actions on a day to day basis. Putting these practices into play, the team has a foundation to build on and have planned the next session already to deep dive into Routines and areas for collaboration.

“Transformative in clarifying the reason to the whole team!”

“We now feel energized by having a meaningful purpose statement that drives achieving our goals.”