Executive Summary

An intact production team at ITV had been proactively developing themselves over the last year. Their leader wanted to include some taste of Situational Leadership and Conflict Management. 

The Brief

The solution needed to be a mix of Situational Leadership targeted to the team, an overview of DISC with a discussion on how that impacts managing conflict and our preferred styles.

The Solution

The design process was very much a partnership approach, with discussions with the sponsor and HR  to determine what the learning outcomes were and which content should therefore be included.

We decided to run  mainly Situational Leadership in the morning and DisC and Conflict in the afternoon. We tailored the case studies and examples to the team to reflect their situations and roles. Working with the Leader we were able to create something very bespoke to his team and their context

The Results

The team enjoyed the Situational Leadership model and the highly interactive examples they experienced. They could identify how they would apply the material straight away. The same was true of Disc and the conflict model. Each team member could understand more about their own conflict style and how they could be perceived which they found insightful and useful. However it was when they started to share their preferences a s a team that we were able to make very large insights into the team dynamics. They realized that some of the frustrations they had been experimenting with each other were due to the style preferences and how they adapted in stress and conflict. This meant that as a team they could plan strategies to support each other as well as have a personal plan.

The leader was pleased with the results and was very positive about how much the team had enjoyed the session. They all recommended it to other parts of the organization and there has been an increase in the desire to do more with situational leadership . An internal L&D trainer has become certified to continue developing these skills in intact teams.