There are several books around which reflect on the dangers and demise of capitalism, highlighting the damage caused socially, financially and environmentally.

Bruno Roche and Jay Jakub take a different approach which offers a way for businesses to deliver superior financial performance because they generate and build on human, social, and natural capital along with financial capital.  This is taking sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility to its ultimate place, where we measure and generate the full costs and benefits and take a systemic view.

In the book they describe how their model has been implemented in live business pilots in Africa and Asia. Larry Fink from Blackrock Investments wants to see sustainable earnings over the long term in any organisations he invests in.  Other large corporations such as Mars and Unilever are attempting to take a more holistic approach to measuring their results.  This book describes those measures and how businesses can start to take a longer term more systemic and holistic approach to their business which generates value for all four capital forms – not just financial.  A positive and optimistic read.